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Victor Van Dort, is the shy, nervous, and somewhat bumbling fiance of Victoria Everglot and accidental husband of Emily, the "Corpse Bride".


Victor is introduced into the story when he is seen sitting in his room, drawing a butterfly. He is the son of a "new money" family. To gain more of a step in high society, her parents decided to marry him to Victoria Everglot, a noble.

Victor first meets his bride-to-be when he sited down to play the piano in her house and she approached him. He fell in love with Victoria as they have their first conversation. His wedding rehearsal didn't go well, as he couldn't remember his vows; then he dropped the wedding ring, and accidentally sets Lady Everglot's dress on fire, which Lord Barkis Bittern putted out with his glass of wine.

After being scolded by Pastor Galswells, Victor runs into the forest on the edge of town to practice his vows, but in the process wakes Emily up from her deathly sleep. "The Corpse Bride" rised from her grave, which caused the young man to run away, but eventually Emily catched up to him at a bridge and she kissed him.

This causes Victor to faint and wake up in the Land of the Dead. He was shocked to find out that he accidentally married Emily, "the Corpse Bride" and felt sad after learning her story. As a wedding present, Emily gave him Scraps, Victor's long-dead dog. Upon mentioning his mother and her disapproval nature in a friendly talk, Victor had the idea to see Victoria, while Emily waits for him in the woods, convencing Emily to take them both back to the Land of the Living to see his parents with the help of Elder Gutknecht, a skeleton who is versed in magic arts.

Despite apparently loving how gracefully danced his "bride", Victor continued with his plan. After arriving to her house, he confessed to Victoria that he was terrified of marriage at first, but then upon meeting her he wanted to be with her forever. However, Emily followed his footprints and found him with Victoria. Believing that he was cheating on her, Emily pulled him back to the Land of the Dead.

During their argument, Victor explained his situation to Emily but hurted her feelings by slipping his tongue saying, "It was a mistake, I would never marry you!" Feeling bad for hurting her, Victor went and apologized to her, finding her playing the piano, which caused him to join her and eventually make up.

Just as they make up, the dead announces a new arrival. The new arrival turns out to be Mayhew, a former employee of the Van Dorts' company, who just died by a coughing fit and gets run over by the carriage he was driving. He told Victor that Victoria was getting married to Lord Barkis. Heartbroken, Victor walked out. Later, he overheard a conversation between Emily and Elder Gutknecht. The elder told Emily that death had already departed Victor and her since the law said "'Till death do we part" and that the only way to make the marriage official was to have Victor repeat his vows at the Land of the Living and then have him drink poison in order to be by her side. Despite he would be able to go back to his home, Victor, believing Victoria have moved on, agreed to do so even to the fact that he could never go back to the Land of the Living.

The wedding taked place "upstairs" with the dead and a few of their loved ones as the guests and Elder Gutnecht as the priest. However, Victoria secretaly arrived at Victor and Emily's wedding and watched as Victor said his vows. After Emily saw Victoria, she began to have second thoughts again and stopped Victor from drinking the poison. Emily told him that she was a bride and dreams were taken from her, and even so she almost stole someone else's.

Victor was surprised but happy to see Victoria, but their reunion was short-lived. Lord Barkis arrived and tries to take Victoria away as his wife to have the same end that Emily, but Victor steps up and fought him. After a while, Victor was later disarmed by Barkis, but then got saved by Emily from the sword. He watched as Lord Barkis makes a "toast" to Emily, accidentally drinking the poison and died in front of them. The dead took Barkis away to their Land to be punished, with some of the living helping them.

Victor turned back to Emily to keep his promise, but she told him that he had kept his promise by setting her free. Then, Emily gave the ring back to him. Victor watched as Emily walks out of the church and turns into thousands of butterflies that fly to the "Land of the Reborn." Victor and Victoria finally marry the other the next day.


Victor is a very shy, and easily startled individual, never being very sure of himself and tending to stammer over his words. He often struggles socially, stuttering when he first met Victoria and stumbling when he tried to recite his vows at the wedding rehearsal. His nervousness leaded him to ruin the wedding rehearsal and made both his parents and Victoria's parents very upset with him. Likewise, his first reaction when confronted with Emily is to act like a fool by running away from her for no reason, something which he repeated three times in the Land of the Dead.

Although he occasionally has moments where he puts his foot in his mouth, Victor is a young man who has very good intentions and a truly kind heart. Like Emily, Victor also seemingly loves music and has an artistic side.

Victor doesn't lose his temper easily and is truly kind to everyone he meets. Despite Victor was somewhat confused and upset with his sudden 'marriage' to Emily, he still tries to be kind to her and went back to apologize after offending her during their fight, eventually becoming her friend.

After believing Victoria has moved on, a heartbroken Victor decided to dedicated himself to Emily, even agreeing to give up his life for her, possibly for his own broken heart which couldn't see Victoria away from him and also for Emily's happiness. However, despite Victor did seem to show deep feelings for Emily, he was not in love with her.

Despite his nervious nature, Victor can be very brave in urgent situations, as seen during his and Emily's wedding ceremony when Lord Barkis interrupted and tried to take Victoria away, which caused Victor to fight Lord Barkis with a fork thrown to him by Mrs. Plum, even while Lord Barkis was armed with Bonesaparte's sword.


Like Emily, Victor is a great pianist, being able to play solemn to enthusiastic tones, both alone or along with other pianists. He also is an artist, judging by how well he draws the butterfly at the beginning.

During his fight at the church, Victor proves to be surprisingly competent at avoiding Barkis's thrusts and even lands three separate hits on the man before being disarmed, all this while only having a fork as a weapon.


  • "I'm already reeling, Mother. Shouldn't Victoria Everglot be marrying a lord or something?" - To Nell Van Dort about his wedding.
  • "Tomorrow we are to be m-m-mmm. . ." - To Victoria on their first meeting.
  • "Oh, Victoria. She must think I'm such a fool." - To himself on the bridge, reflecting on the ruined rehearsal.
  • "With this candle....I will....oh.... I will set your mother on fire." - To himself in the woods, trying to remember his vows.
  • "Ah, Mrs. Everglot. You look ravishing this evening. What's that, Mr. Everglot? Call you "dad"? If you insist, sir. "- To himself while practising his vows at the forest.
  • "I've got a... I've got a dwarf, and I'm not afraid to use him!" - To the dead people after waking up at the Land of the Dead.
  • "But I don't even know your name." - To Emily about their marriage.
  • "Look, I am terribly sorry about what's happened to you and I would like to help. But I really need to get home." - To Emily after hearing about her story and death.
  • "Play dead... Oh, sorry" - To the corpse of his dog Scraps.
  • "Mother never approved of Scraps jumping up like this. But then again, she never approved of anything." - To Emily about her mother's character.
  • "Don't you understand? You're the other woman." - To Emily after she had accused him of cheating on her with Victoria.
  • "It was a mistake, I would never marry you!"- To Emily during their argument.
  • "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I lied to you about wanting to see my parents." - To Emily, apologizing for going to see Victoria.
  • "I like your enthusiasm." - To Emily after playing the piano with her and while snapping her dancing hand into its place.
  • "With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never be empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way into darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine. - To Emily, first in the woods and later to their wedding"
  • "Get away from her!" - To Lord Barkis Bitern after he kidnapped Victoria.
  • "Wait! I made a promise." - To Emily at the end of their wedding.


  • Victor's counterpart is Vincent from the original story.
    • Vincent is also what Finis called Victor in the movie.
  • During the movie his mother revealed that Victor was afraid of the dark and that when Victor was younger he use to wet his pants.
  • It's unknown what happened to Victor's parents when they went into the near by woods to try and find Victor. What likely happened is that William gained control of the buggy and they made it back safely to town the next day only to find the undead walking around town.
    • William and Nell off screen made it to the church in time to see Emily turn into butterflies.
  • Victor's hair color appears to be black and his eyes are black dots. But if you pause at the right moment, you will read the poster of Victor that his parents set up on the carriage while looking for him. You will find that the poster said that Victor has brown hair and brown eyes.

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