Scraps is Victor Van Dort's pet dog and a resident of the Land of the Dead.


The photo shows a young Victor and his spotted dog with a bright red collar. Scraps in the Land of the Dead has decayed down to a skeleton, though he retains his eyes, tongue and his bright red collar.


Scraps is loyal and friendly, though prone to barking. He sometimes can be seen holding a bone in his mouth that he'll chew on.


Scraps is first seen in a photograph in Victor's bedroom.

Scraps and Victor were reunited soon after Victor got engaged to Emily. Scraps then takes them to Elder Gutkhnecht's library.

He is seen at Victoria Everglot's wedding party and being reunited with a dog friend.

Scraps helps stop Lord Barkis Bittern from kidnapping Victoria at the end by biting his leg which forces Barkis to release her. He is sitting by Victor's feet as Victor and Victoria were watching Emily turn in blue butterflies.




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