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Maggot is a maggot and a resident of the Land of the Dead. Maggot is based off Peter Lorre (originally Laszlo Lowenstein). Maggot and Black Widow were dating when Victor and Emily were married. During the first half of the movie, Maggot commonly makes his residence inside Emily's head, either popping out of her ear or pushing out her loose eye to speak to her or others. After "Tears to Shed," he is only seen outside of Emily's body. He is lime-green with large pink lips. He often offers advice to Emily, though it is not always appreciated. He is seen to be very morbid. Maggot is seen being picked up off the ground by Black Widow his girlfriend. He's seen at Victoria's wedding party. Maggot is last seen at Victor and Emily's wedding. Maggot is still dating Black Widow

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