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Finis everglot

Finis Everglot

Finis Everglot is the father of Victoria Everglot and the tertiary antagonist of The Corpse Bride. He is a lord -- according to background materials, descended from an Archduke. Finis is married to Maudeline Everglot. Finis is dour and grumpy, one of his first reactions to upset is to call for his musket. He loathes having to marry his daughter to the son of a fish merchant. But he recognizes that the Van Dorts have money they desperately need. It's not known what happens to him and his wife after his undead grandfather shows up at Victoria's wedding party and scares them into their room. The next day Victor and Victoria have their wedding in the church. Finis and Maudeline were there at the wedding. They accepted Victor as a Son in Law.

Trivia Edit

  • Finis's grandfather calls him Finny, named after his voice actor Albert Finny.
  • Finis at one point calls Victor by the name of Vincent.
  • When Finis looks at an eyeball floating on the soup he is eating, he says, "There's an eye in me soup." (a parody of one of the waiter jokes, "There's a fly in my soup!")

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