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Emily the Corpse Bride







Hair Color

Blue formally blonde

Eye Color

Black formally Blue

Voiced by

Helena Bonham Carter



Emily the Corpse Bride, is the very beautiful, undead and self-proclaimed bride of the young Victor Van Dort and ex-fiancee of Barkis Bittern

Appearance Edit

Emily has blue hair, blue skin and blue eyes. Emily has a small hole in her left cheek that shows her teeth. Emily has some muscle showing under her left arm pit. Emily's left arm is completely bone. Emily still has her finger nails on her right hand. Emily's finger nails are missing from her bone left hand. Emily's ribs are sticking out of a hole on her right. There is also a hole on the right of Emily's wedding dress. Emily's right leg is almost completely bone save for skin that still cover's her foot and end's at her ankle resembling a sock she also has full bright pink lip's.

{Attire} Emily wear's a strapless dirt stained wedding dress that contour's her chest the dress itself has a form fitting bodice that end's at a V and a long flowing skirt with a slit up the middle showing either of her leg's with light blue filigree on the bottom of the skirt and veil. She has pearls on the bottom of the bodice and the top of the bodice she also wear's a dirt stained tattered veil attached to a rose crown the roses are dead she also wears armlet's that end to her elbow's though her right armlet apear's to be be hanging on her wrist she wear's white pump's to match her wedding dress.

Emily's back story Edit

Emily was born into a very rich family. Emily had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Emily was the most beautiful woman in town. Her unnamed parents lived in a mansion located in the woods. Emily's parents worked at William's fish company. Emily had met Lord Barkis years ago and fell in love with him, he asked for her hand in marriage but her parents did not approved it. Emily told Barkis that her parents didn't approve. So Emily then planned to sneak out to get married to him in secret. Both her and Barkis agreed to meet at the Old Oak Tree around three. Emily stole her mothers wedding dress which fit her and she waited for Barkis under the tree. He finally showed up but stabbed Emily with a knife. Emily was left there bleeding to death. She made a vow to stay under that tree until her 'true love' would come to 'set her free' and ask for her hand in marriage. Victor accidentally did so.

Friends and family. Edit

  • Mrs. Emily Hunter - mother
  • Victor Van Dort - bestfriend and ex-boyfriend
  • Victoria Van Dort - bestfriend
  • Scraps - bestfriend and pet dog
  • Mrs. Black Widow - bestfriend
  • Mrs. Plum - bestfriend
  • Bone Jangles - bestfriend

Powers Edit

  • Teleportation - Emily can teleport herself and others anywhere.
  • Shape-shifting - Emily can shape-shift into many butterflies or just one.
  • Flying - Emily can float in the air and she can fly when in butterfly form.
  • Talking to Animals - Emily can understand most of Scraps's words.
  • Magic - Emily knows how to use magic.
  • Phasing - Emily can phase through walls

Trivia Edit

  • Emily and Victor were in the Land of the Dead for two days.
  • Emily knew Victor's name before he told her. This means Emily met Victor before her death.
  • Victor and Emily would have got married if she had not eloped with Barkis.
  • It's unknown if Victor's parents saw Emily turn in butterflies.
  • Emily's parents know Victor's parents and are friends with them.
  • Emily's parents likely diss-like Victoria's parents.
  • Victoria is likely the second or third woman that Victor's parents chose for him. This means that Emily was the first woman that Victor's parents were going to choose for him.

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