I'll tell you a story that'd make a skeleton cry of our own jubiliciously lovely corpse bride

Bonejangles is the local entertainer at the Ball and Socket Pub, and is the owner as his face appears on the sign outside the pub. He is also one of Emily's closest friends.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Bonejangles is a large-jawed skeleton with only one eye.


He wears a bowler hat and has pants that he sometimes wears.


He sang "Remains of the Day," the song that explains the "Corpse Bride"'s backstory, with his group of skeleton musicians.

Bonejangles was seen at Victoria Everglot's wedding party chasing to a large woman after accidentally scare to Finis Everglot.

He was last seen at Emily and Victor Van Dort's wedding, and at his friend's ultimate farewell.


Bonejangles is rather anachronistic in his speech, mannerisms, and musical styles -- while the rest of the characters act appropriately for the Victorian era setting.

His personality is more appropriate for a 1920s-era jazz singer as Bonejangles does seem to be slightly eccentric, but he's cool, charming, musical, kind and friendly.


  • "What a story it is. A tragic tale of romance, passion and murder most foul." - Before telling the Corpse Bride's story.
  • "I love a woman with meat on her bones!" - To a large woman in Victoria Everglot's wedding party.
  • "Hey, come back! Ooh, I love me a lady with meat on her bones!" - Chasing the large woman.


  • Bonejangels is voiced by Danny Elfman, the composer of the music of Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.
  • Bonejangeles is a reference to Bill Robinson aka Mr. Bojangles, an American tab dancer and actor from the first half of the 20th century.

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