Barkis Bittern


Lord Barkis Bittern









Hair color

White (throughout all appearances)

Voiced by

Richard E. Grant

Lord Barkis Bittern was a "wealthy" gentleman and a newcomer of an unnamed European village, as well Victoria Everglot's late husband and the ex-fiancee of Emily. He is the true main antagonist of Corpse Bride, as he was the murdered of his late fiancé and almost become the kidnapper of his wife.


At some point of his life, Lord Barkis met Emily, a young wealthy lady, and seduced her in order to gain her fortune. Despite she loved him, her parents rejected Barkis as her suitor, which caused him to convinced her to elope with him using his charisma and charm.

They agreed to meet under the cover of night at 3 AM under an old oak tree out in the woods. On that foggy night, Emily snuck out wearing her mother's wedding dress and carried a small fortune with her, the last at Lord Barkis's request. After waiting in the dark forest for some time, Barkis robbed to his bride-to-be from the shadows and left her for dead. This indirectly set up the main events of the movie.

Apparently some years later, Lord Barkis attended and watched the rehearsal wedding between Victor Van Dort and Victoria Everglot which fails when the former doesn't perform well. Barkis criticizes him, as if he doesn't want Victor to marry her.

When Victor is abducted by Emily, Barkis utilises the Town Crier's news to make it appear as though he fled with a 'mystery woman'. Victoria's parents later decide to marry off their daughter to Barkis after the assumption of his wealth.

After the undead appear for Victor and Emily's wedding, Barkis attempted to flee with Victoria along with the her family's money. However, he discovered the Everglot's bankruptcy and flees.

He showed up in the church attempting to get Victoria back, as she was his wife. Emily recognized Barkis as the man who left her waiting in a tree so that he could kill her and get her family jewels and a satchel of gold that was her dowry. He attempted to take Victoria hostage and planning to kill her just like what he did to Emily, but Victor stopped him, causing to Barkis to attacked the younger man with a sword.

Victor and Lord Barkis did a sword fight but Lord Barkis knocked Victor's fork away and kicked him to the ground. He was about stab Victor in the heart but Emily intercepted the sword and ordered Barkis out of the church, but he realized that the undead can't interfere with the living. However, he unknowingly drank the poisoned wine, accidentally killing himself and allowing the vengeful undead to drag him off as he paid the price for what he did to Emily.


Lord Barkis usually acts a charming, quite dramatic, and charismatic individual, being the stereotype of a "perfect" gentleman.

Actually, Lord Barkis is a greedy, arrogant and deceitful man who will do almost anything to have fortune and status. All this is shown as he seduced a wealthy young woman in order to kill her and steal her money, and later gained the hand a high-ranking and apparent rich lady while having the same objective.

He also can be quite vengeful towards others, as he decided to kidnap Victoria even after finding that her family was financially broken.


  • "Do call for me if you need my assistance... in any way". - To the Everglots and Van Dorts.
  • "Oh, my dear. Don't look at me that way. You have only to suffer this union untill death do us part. And that will come sooner than you think..." - To himself while looking at a portrait of Victoria Everglot.
  • "Oh, how touching. I always cry at weddings. Finally, our two young lovers are together at last. Surely now they can live happily ever after? But you forget... she's still my wife! And I'm not leaving here empty-handed!" - Disrupting Victor Van Dort and Emily's wedding to kidnapping Victoria.
  • "Emily... But, but I left you..." -A shocked Lord Barkis to a equal shocked and angry Emily.
  • "Oh, I'm leaving. But first! A toast, to Emily. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! Tell me, my dear, can a heart still break once it's stopped beating? Hm?" - To Emily about her dream.

Barkis Edit

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